Fragile Zugehörigkeiten. Ostdeutsche und Andere im Vereinigungskontext. Präsentation des neuen Jahrbuchs Deutsche Einheit 2023

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The new volume of the Jahrbuch Deutsche Einheit deals with the tension between the great "we" of the Federal Republic after German unification and the many "wes" that make it up and manifest themselves in manifold affiliations and different rights of participation. Once again, the question arises: Who are we - and if so, how many? East Germans, West Germans or Germans? Thuringians, Saarlanders or Berliners? Europeans? And what about those whom the technical jargon of population statistics certifies as having a "migration background"? More than a quarter of the total population can be found under this label - half Germans and half foreigners. Who thus belongs to which "we" according to which criteria, and what are the consequences of the different attempts to define such a "we"? More than 30 years after the end of the German two-state system, these questions are more topical than ever.

Historians Maren Möhring and Carsta Langner and sociologist Alexander Leistner will speak about these questions on September 20, 2023. Since 2020, the German Unity Yearbook has been published by Marcus Böick, Constantin Goschler and Ralph Jessen in cooperation with the Bundesstiftung Aufarbeitung.

Questions about the course of the event should be directed to Zeitgeschichtliches Forum Leipzig.

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