Information on the students programme Information on the Teachers’ Programme as Part of the 54. Deutscher Historikertag in Leipzig Welcome Information about the Praxislabor (Practice Lab) of the AG Digitale Geschichtswissenschaft Academic Blogging for Historians. A Practical Workshop Digitalisat statt Original? Zur Online-Recherche in Digitalisaten von analogem Archivgut (Online-Veranstaltung) Fragile Fakten im Stadtarchiv Leipzig Guided tour: permanent exhibition (English) Guided tour: permanent exhibition (English) Leipzig im Mittelalter: Stadtrundgang „Generation Z“ und Geschichte: tiktok- und youtube-Algorithmen untersuchen Mythen, Deutungen und falsche Freunde – Geschichtsnarrative und Visualisierungen als Probleme kritischer Museumsarbeit Assembly and workshop of doctoral candidates Die Sperrbestände und Giftschränke der Deutschen Bücherei Music history as a historiographical challenge Rundgang auf dem Gelände der ehemaligen Städtischen Arbeitsanstalt (Riebeckstraße 63) Fragiles auf Fotos. Führung durch die Ausstellung “Jüdisches Album” Die Kunstsammlung im Rektoratsgebäude Der Volksaufstand vom 17. Juni 1953 im Spiegel des Bundesarchivs Wie authentisch sind archivalische Quellen? Führung durch das Staatsarchiv Leipzig Poster exhibition The Debate on Colonialism and Holocaust revisited “Faktencheck” im Archiv – Einblicke in die Sammlungen des Archiv Bürgerbewegung Leipzig Ceremonial Opening of the 54. Deutscher Historikertag Reception after the Ceremonial Opening of the 54. Deutscher Historikertag Historical Spatial Modelling with Geocoordinates and Qgis General Meeting of the AG Landesgeschichte im VHD Publishing in Historical Journals. Developments, barriers, and opportunities Ediarum workshop Sustainable Digital Teaching Resources with LiaScript History from the Machine. Potentials, Challenges, and Dangers of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ for our Field Successful Research: historicumSEARCH, German Historical Bibliography & GNTUsearch Where is research on imperialism expanding to? A necessary discussion, also with regard to the resurgence of imperialism in Europe Nicht einen Schritt weiter nach Osten General Meeting of the Gesellschaft zur Erforschung der Geschichte der Juden (GEGJ) Evening of Regional History (Landesgeschichte) Designed History. The ‘Leipzig School’ before and after 1989/90 Pub quiz and party Jüdische Diplomatie und zionistische Politik: Richard Lichtheim im Zeitalter der Weltkriege (Buchpräsentation und Empfang) Wikidata for Historians Counterfactual History. Fake History or Methodological Innovation? Interactive section for pupils: More than a roof over your head. Housing has history General Meeting of the AG Digitale Geschichtswissenschaft Reception Network “Jüdische Geschichte Digital” The Anthropocene as a challenge for history as a discipline “Multidirectional memories” in conflict – actors and negotiations in four fields of memory politics Sanctions regimes: emergence, practices and effects since 1945 Politics and the Price Level. Inflations and economic policy paradigms in the 20th century More than a fact check! Historical research by pupils as historical-cultural capital Fragile Memory. Social Media and Their Influence on the Culture of Memory in Academia and the Public Sphere Recommendations for the Teachers’ programme as part of the 54. Deutscher Historikertag in Leipzig Peter Haber Prize for Digital Historical Studies RStudio – Historiography between Stop Words and Plots General Meeting of the AK Applied History/Public History in the VHD Sources of Mobility: Interventions Critical of Tradition (17th-20th Century) „Panem et Circenses“. Game-based learning and the antique Fragile Finances. Dynasties, Debts, and Female Crisis Managers in the Early Modern Period PhD, Second Book, Habilitation? Fixed-term contracts, qualification goals, and career paths in history Festive Event General Meeting of the Verband der Historiker und Historikerinnen Deutschlands (VHD)/ German Historical Association Exkursion nach Meißen (Dom, Burgberg, Altstadt) Opening lecture: Fake News and Conspiracy Theories in the History of the USA – A Problem Outline Award ceremony and short presentation of the winners Workshop 1: Origin – Development – Evolution. The historycast as a podcast for teaching history in German schools. Season 2 “Magic, Cult, Conspiracy Thinking: On the History of Unreason” Workshop 3: Ad fontes! From “old hat” to the “next big thing”? Why and how digitisation, AI and algorithms (could) help sources make a comeback in history teaching Workshop 4: Extremism at school? What teachers need to know Workshop 2: Trimedial history formats in cooperation between VGD and ZDF: “Five attempts at freedom” and “Wannsee Conference” District tour: Nazi forced labour in Leipzig city centre Art on Campus Open House at the Saxon Academy of Sciences in Leipzig Tour of the grounds of the former municipal labour institution (Riebeckstraße 63) Guided Tour: “War is over”. Robert Capa in Leipzig Stasi District Headquarters on Matthäikirchhof – History and Current Debates on the Future of the Site Archival research and digital presentation. Leipzig projects concerning basic research on Bach Transformation Time. Tandem tour with the director Uta Bretschneider Guided tour of the Saxon Economic Archive and the Konsumzentrale building Democracy needs archivists – speed dating to enter the archiving profession City in the river. Along the Leipzig millrace. On the trail of the Pleiße memorial march. A short excursion into the environmental history of the GDR on the basis of the Pleiße in Leipzig The Sorbs in Germany – between traditional costume and digital worlds Decolonial Politics of Memory in the Museum? Guided tour and discussion on REINVENTING GRASSI.SKD Digital History meets DNB Networking meeting of PhDs and habilitated researchers Search for traces digital. The database to the saxonian newspaper of the NSDAP “Der Freiheitskampf” (1930-1945) Conducted Memory – On the History of the Instrumentalisation of the Monument to the Battle of the Nations The fragile on photos. Guided tour through the exhibition “Jewish Album” Digitised copies instead of originals? About online research on digitised copies of analogue archive material (online event) Art exhibition “Flimsy reality”. Guided tour through the exhibition with the exhibiting artists Guided Tour: Bach-Museum Leipzig “Controverses in contemporary history”. Accompaniment to ambivalent topics and stories in the permanent exhibition Real, realer, the realest? Live presentation of an audiowalk concerning the topic authenticity Contemporary history Forum

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