metoohistory: Diskussionveranstaltung zu Machtmissbrauch im deutschen Wissenschaftssystem

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Abuse of power in the German academic system is perceived by many as an isolated phenomenon. Only rarely are incidents such as sexualised assault, verbal harassment, mobbing and discrimination reported and consistently prosecuted. However, anyone who takes the trouble to speak to those responsible for equal opportunities or personnel matters hears of a large number of cases, which suggests an extent far beyond individual cases. Current events and press reports - such as those in connection with two lecturers at the Institute of Historical Studies at the HU Berlin - show that the subject of history is also affected.

In order to make this problem visible, we, the initiative #metoohistory, invite you to a discussion event at the Historikertag in Leipzig. In a first exchange between representatives of the VHD board, professors, mid-level staff and students, the structural problem for the subject culture of historical studies will be addressed. With expertise from labour law, psychology and contact points for those affected, we will discuss the necessary courses of action, both to sanction perpetrators, to encourage observers and those in the know to take active action, and to support those affected.

The event is hybrid. It will take place on 20.09.2023 at 11:30 a.m. in room S123 on the 1st floor of the seminar building at Campus Augustenplatz and will also be broadcast as a video conference. Link zur kostenlosen online-Teilnahme:

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