Together Again! De Gruyter Oldenbourg Empfang

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We are pleased that after five years we can meet again in person at the Historikertag and cordially invite you to our aperitif at the De Gruyter Oldenbourg stand.
Rarely has an event had such a global impact as the pandemic of recent years. It has affected and challenged us all, divided us in many ways, but also connected us through new paths and spaces. Together with our Leipzig partner, the SFB Processes of Spatialization under the Global Condition, we will look at the past years and ask how dialectics of the global have shifted under the conditions of the pandemic.

Chair of the event:
Anika Stachowski

Venue: Cateringfläche Foyer Hörsaalgebäude 2. OG (Ebene D)/De Gruyter Oldenbourg Stand (D 14)

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