Exkursion nach Meißen (Dom, Burgberg, Altstadt)

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Meißen is the birthplace of Saxon history: a castle under the rule of the Ottonians since 929, a bishopric since 968, and the residence of the Margraves of Meißen from the 11th to the 16th century.

The focus of the day trip will be the castle hill with Albrechtsburg, Bishop's Castle, Cathedral, and Canon's Courtyards. The Gothic cathedral with its rich pre-Reformation furnishings, the Cathedral Museum, and the Wettin family tombs (Prince's Chapel, St. George's Chapel) connected to the cathedral will be visited with a guided tour.

From the castle hill, the tour will continue to St. Afra Church, a 13th-century Augustinian canonry, and then to the Old Town to see St. Mary's Church on the market square.

A walk through the mostly intact city layout from the 15th and 16th centuries will conclude the excursion.


Organizer: Enno Bünz

Meeting point/departure location: Leipzig, Goethestraße (Schwanenteich - Oper Leipzig)

Costs: ~ 36,00 € (± 5,00 €)*

Note: Please pay attention to appropriate clothing and sufficient provisions for the march! It is not intended to take longer breaks.

This event is not barrier-free.

Binding registration via begleitprogramm@historikertag.de  until September 7th, 2023.

Min. 15 up to max. 30 participants.

* The price includes round-trip bus transportation, admission and tour of the cathedral, and the guided tour according to the program.

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