Designed History. The ‘Leipzig School’ before and after 1989/90

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Daniela Arnold, Restorer Torsten Nimoth, Dresden State Office for the Preservation of Monuments (Interpretation of historical wall reliefs in the foyer of the auditorium of the Saxon Reconstruction Bank)

Moderator: Anja Tack


Ellen Akimoto, Leipzig
Jürgen Danyel, Potsdam
Sigrid Hofer, Marburg
Annika Michalski, Erfurt/Leipzig
Christoph Tannert, Berlin

This special event of the 54th German Historians' Conference will discuss, using the example of the "Leipziger Schule," to what extent works of visual arts can serve as a source for historical research and how the history of visual arts can be an inspiration. It aims to clarify why there is often passionate debate over "shaped history."

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