Eckart Conze Beatrice de Graaf (Chair of the panel)

Whose Security? Concepts and Practices of Security in an Emerging Global Society

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Eckart Conze (Marburg) Beatrice de Graaf (Utrecht)
Einführung / Introduction
Ozan Ozavci (Utrecht)
A Question of 'Civilisation': The Sublime Porte, the Great Powers and the 1860 Civil War in Syria
Andrea Wiegeshoff (Marburg)
Sicherheit, die spaltet. Quarantäne, Überwachung und Desinfektion im American Empire um 1900
Steffen Rimner (Utrecht)
The Gateway of Humanitarian Crisis. China's Entry into Global Security Politics, 1870s-1920s
Hubertus Bueschel (Groningen)
Judges for the World – The International Court of Justice in The Hague and the (Controversial) Global Paradigm of World Security
Jana Hoenke (Groningen)
Kommentar / Comment
Roland Wenzlhuemer (München)
Kommentar / Comment