Felix Schürmann (Chair of the panel)

Decolonization and the Politics of Wildlife: Conservation, Science, and Tourism in East Africa, ca. 1950-1980

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Dörte Lerp (Köln)
Parks and Recreation: Wildlife Tourism to Kenya and Tanzania in the 1960s and 1970s
Bernhard Gißibl (Mainz) Simone Schleper (Mainz)
Decolonization and the Sciences of Wildlife: The Making of the Serengeti Research Institute
Felix Schürmann (Kassel)
The Impacts of the Tranquillizer Gun on Late-colonial and Early-independence Rhino Conservation Policies in East Africa, 1955–1972
Raf de Bont (Maastricht)
Eating Game: International Conservation and the Rebranding of African Wildlife, 1955–1965
Sandra Swart (Stellenbosch)