BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//wordpress//historikertag-2018//DE X-ORIGINAL-URL: CALSCALE:GREGORIAN BEGIN:VEVENT UID:historikertag-2018-521 DTSTAMP:20180329T170315Z DTSTART:20180926T070000Z DTEND:20180926T090000Z SUMMARY:[Historikertag 2018] The Market as a Scandal. Public debates about scope, functionality and legitimacy DESCRIPTION:Markets are an efficient institution to negotiate and process needs in an organized way and without open conflicts. This capacity is hardly questioned anymore, still “the market” as an abstraction as well as processes of marketization seem to remain inherently scandalous. Markets seem to produce “divided societies”: in a social and economic perspective, markets continually produce winners and losers; in an intellectual perspective, the idea of the market itself is controversial at all times. Often it is exactly its promise of functionality and efficiency that puts markets in the center of the debate, representing its most attractive and most contentious feature at the same time, as efficiency criteria seem to favor certain results and social groups while ignoring other factors. Debates about the legitimacy, scope and regulation of markets reflect controversies about economics but also about political claims to regulation, social relations and questions of individual quality of life. How “economic” or “moral” were these arguments? Did a prolific negotiation process evolve from the debate, or was it just a moralizing soliloquy of market apologists and critics on either side? Did the debate and the regulation provoked by it provide an impulse for the creation of new markets or the development of existing ones? We assume that the market as a “scandalon” can manifest itself in four ways: 1st concerning access to markets and the (il)legitimacy of market players; 2nd in debates about (il)legitimate goods and their trading on a free market; 3rd in discussions about the marketization or commodification of goods and social relations; and 4th in debates about market failure and blind spots of markets. Each of these dimensions will be at the center of one of the four presentations of the panel. Der Beitrag The Market as a Scandal. Public debates about scope, functionality and legitimacy erschien zuerst auf Historikertag 2018. LOCATION:JUR3 (Juridicum) END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR