Axel Jansen Michael Kimmage (Chair of the panel)

Fateful Election 2020: American Foreign Policy and Transatlantic Relations from George H. W. Bush to Joe Biden


One year after the United States presidential election in November 2020, this panel discussion will provide an opportunity for a transatlantic, German-American dialogue about American foreign policy since 1990. German historians in their analysis of contemporary history have developed narratives focusing on the period since 1970 while U.S.-based historians have usually emphasized the impact of 9/11. The panel brings together historians from both Germany and the United States with a former diplomat and a Washington Post journalist to discuss historical developments since 1990. The panel will discuss American foreign policy and transatlantic developments by focusing on the shifting role of the two major American parties.

Axel Jansen (Washington, D.C.)
Beverly Gage (New Haven, CT) Britta Waldschmidt-Nelson (Augsburg) Christian Caryl (Washington, D.C.) Michael Kimmage (Washington, D.C.)