BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//wordpress//historikertag-2021//DE X-ORIGINAL-URL: CALSCALE:GREGORIAN BEGIN:VEVENT UID:historikertag-2021-1350 DTSTAMP:20210520T065123Z DTSTART:20211005T071500Z DTEND:20211005T090000Z SUMMARY:[Historikertag 2021] Contested Boundaries: Negotiating Medieval Ecclesiastical Sanctions DESCRIPTION:During the long struggle between Empire and Papacy since the high Middle Ages, the ecclesiastical sanctions of excommunication and interdict were at the same time topics, media and instruments of of political and legal struggles of interpretation. Both punishments were the sharpest weapons in the church‘s arsenal of penalties. Excommunication temporarily excluded persons or groups of persons from the church community by denying the church‘s offer of salvation and by imposing a social ban in everyday life. In contrast, the interdict deprived a spatially delimited area (church, city, diocese, political territory) of pastoral care in the form of masses, sacraments and ecclesiastical burials. The validity, scope and escalation of such sentences of excommunication and interdict were at the centre of controversies between state and church, sometimes with European-wide ramifications. The effects of excommunication and interdict on individuals, groups and spatial entities were accompanied by a constant process of negotiation. This not only allows to gain deeper insights into the perception of self and others by the parties concerned, but also into the range of interventions and ideas of order on the part of spiritual and secular powers. This section examines this structural disposition of medieval ecclesiastical sanctions as an arena of conflicting claims to justice, validity and obedience. By combining macro- and micro-historical perspectives, ecclesiastical sanctions reveal themselves as specific areas of interaction between centre and periphery, Roman central power and Latin-Christian border areas. Der Beitrag Contested Boundaries: Negotiating Medieval Ecclesiastical Sanctions erschien zuerst auf Historikertag 2021. END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR