Creating and preserving knowledge is closely tied to the work of publishers, academic associations, cultural institutions, foundations and digital service providers. The digital offerings of our exhibitors can be found on the conference platform of the Historikertag and can be visited with a valid ticket from September to December 2021. 

Our exhibitors’ presence on the conference platform can take different forms: a booth in the digital trade exhibition, book presentations in the digital library, their own special events and/or their own virtual meeting rooms. You can see the offers of the exhibitors you are interested in by navigating to ” Exhibition” and consulting the list of exhibitors.

We cordially invite exhibitors and other participants of the Historikertag to get in touch with each other even in virtual space and to find points of contact for cooperation. The virtual meeting rooms allow for spontaneous or scheduled exchange in small groups. You are also welcome to use other options such as video meetings and the chat function offered by the participant directory on the conference platform. Some exhibitors may also make use of the calendar found on subpages in the digital exhibition to make appointments.

Special events organised by our exhibitors during the conference week can be found in the programme under “Events at the exhibition”.

Unfortunately, late registrations for the exhibition are no longer possible. The organisation team would like to thank the many exhibitors who have placed their trust in us to design the various areas on the conference platform of the Historikertag.