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49. Deutscher Historikertag 2012: Ressourcen - Konflikte

The women's movement and internationalism

Referent/in: Krista Cowman

The struggle for women's rights is centuries old. The origins of the bourgeois women's movement go back to the nineteenth century, as do many socialist women's movements.  These were always international although bourgeois, socialist and (later) communist women's movements often differed over questions of nation, race, ethnicity and religion which opened up different strands of international connections and alliances. From the 1960s the feminism of Western Women's Liberation movements had a major impact on the reconstitution of the relationship between the sexes and once again, internationalism, mutual connections and perceptions were major factors in fostering different understandings of women's roles in society and the promotion of the inclusion of gender perspectives in all walks of life. This paper seeks to contextualise the development of the women's movement in twentieth-century <place w:st="on">Europe</place> against the background of its internationalist agendas.


Kategorie: Neuere/Neueste Geschichte