Workshop 2: Trimedial history formats in cooperation between VGD and ZDF: “Five attempts at freedom” and “Wannsee Conference”

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Contemporary History Department at ZDF (Stefan Brauburger / N.N.), AG Medien at VGD (Ralph Erbar / Niko Lamprecht)

Young people are on the net, which has long preoccupied the traditionally book- and source-based teaching of history. Even familiar television formats only work to a limited extent. In cooperation with the VGD, ZDF has developed trimedial offerings that take up these findings and aim to address historical topics in a way that is appropriate for schools through appropriate formats and didactic accompanying materials. The "Wannsee Conference" focuses on the Holocaust/Third Reich and the Second World War, while "Five Attempts at Freedom" deals with historical focal points such as 1848, 1918, 1948/49, 17 June 1953 and the "Wendezeit" in 1989.

After a presentation of the relevant excerpts, classifications and comments, there will be an opportunity for discussion and exchange.

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