Successful Research: historicumSEARCH, German Historical Bibliography & GNTUsearch

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Georg Horstkemper, Wiebke Herr and Michaela Morys-Reichard


The use of digital research tools is a prerequisite for successful academic work in studies, teaching and research. Bibliographic databases and metasearch services have long been established in the historical sciences and offer significant added value compared to print services: The databases are broader and more up-to-date, modern search engine technology makes it easier to find and re-use the data, and research is possible independently of the local holdings. Efficient and comprehensive use of these services requires certain prior knowledge, which will be imparted and practically tested in the workshop. The focus will be on three services relevant to historians that are being developed by the Bavarian State Library, the Deutsches Museum and cooperation partners within the framework of the History Information Service: the central search portal historicumSEARCH, the German Historical Bibliography (DHB) and GNTUsearch as a special research service on the history of natural sciences, technology and the environment. Participants will receive first-hand information on the status of the respective projects, the content of the databases, the subject-specific systematic indexing as well as on search functionalities, availability display and export options for bibliographic metadata. There will be an opportunity to deepen the theoretical knowledge in practice.

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