Sources of Mobility: Interventions Critical of Tradition (17th-20th Century)

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People have been on the move at all times, for very different reasons. The experiences and knowledge of mobile groups or individuals, however, are hardly noticed, neither by those who live with them nor by historians or textbook authors. One reason for this is that we often find few sources in traditional archives or collections that provide information about ordinary migrants. In the first part, the section discusses ideas on how we can nevertheless research their history and make it fruitful in the classroom; it asks what new opportunities digitalisation offers for this? In the second part, researchers from five countries will discuss with the audience the importance that learners, students and teachers, but also other citizen scientists, have in opening up new sources.

With contributions by Dagmar Freist (Oldenburg), Rebekka Grossmann (Jerusalem), Simone Lässig (Washington), Ursula Lehmkuhl (Trier), Joachim Schloer (Southampton) and Swen Steinberg (Kingston/Ontario).

The event will take place in the GRASSI Museum's Great Lecture Hall.

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