Networking meeting of PhDs and habilitated researchers

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Sebastian Kubon (Munich), Nina Verheyen (Berlin)

For the first time at the Historikertag, a meeting of all PhDs and habilitated researchers without a fixed-term professorship is planned. The meeting is intended to serve the exchange of information and experience as well as the planning of association-related and higher education policy activities, not least against the backdrop of the current amendment to the Wissenschaftszeitvertragsgesetz (German Act on Temporary Academic Contracts) and the consequences this will have for the group addressed here.

The event is connected to a new VHD initiative for better networking of doctoral and postdoctoral researchers in German historiography. In March 2023, a first online meeting was held for this purpose, and another online meeting is planned for the beginning of September 2023 - also in preparation for the general meeting at the Historikertag. Interested parties will receive more detailed information via an email distribution list, which has also been newly set up, and can register for it at

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