Art exhibition “Flimsy reality”. Guided tour through the exhibition with the exhibiting artists

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Philipp Orlowski, Mandy Gehrt, and Marlet Heckhoff emphasize different aspects in their works related to the relationship between the individual and collectivity, emotions and science and structures that influence people:

In Philipp Orlowski's works, realities seem to function within themselves, opening doors to real and fictional worlds through associations. What holds them together are archetypal pairs of emotions such as fear and hope, threat and irony. The artist seeks images in which private and political, subjective and collective moods are no longer separable from each other. The works are driven and energized by the urge to ask questions about the time in all its complexity, without falling into the trap of simple answers.

In the exhibited installation work, Mandy Gehrt engages with medical/scientific imaging and apparatuses. As imaging usually produces two-dimensional representations, the artist attempts to transfer them into other media or forms to make them more "tangible" or "comprehensible." Health is something very fragile, and our understanding of complex processes in the body is often abstract. We rely on scientific medical knowledge and procedures. The work is an attempt by Gehrt to approach them artistically.

In her painting, Marlet Heckhoff incorporates both analog and digital graphic and architectural traces. She aims to simplify and abstract the urban density of cities, ultimately bringing it to the canvas as colorful constructions. The result is images that connect the industrial past with the architecturally visible present and the digital future of the city. The "Mosaic" series also seeks ways to implement the painterly structures with the help of building blocks.

This event is not barrier-free.

Binding registration via until September 1st, 2023.

Min. 1 up to 100 participants.


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