Ediarum workshop

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Martin Fechner, Nadine Arndt and Jan Wierzoch


Ediarum is an application for digital editions that allows scholars to create transcriptions of manuscripts in TEI-compliant XML using a graphical user interface, add an apparatus and appropriate indexes, and then publish the resources as a digital edition on the web.


In the workshop the participants will be instructed (1) to set up their own project in a database using ediarum.DB, (2) to install the modules ediarum.BASE.edit and ediarum.REGISTER.edit for entering records in the Oxygen XML Author and (3) to set up their own simple extension framework. During the workshop questions can be asked about own projects.


Target group of the workshop are developers of digital editions who want to get familiar with ediarum on a technical level. Previous knowledge of XML and XPath is required. Basic knowledge of eXist-db and Oxygen XML Author is an advantage.

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