Academic Blogging for Historians. A Practical Workshop

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Mareike König and Ulrike Stockhausen


Substack, podcasts, TikTok, Instagram, blogs - the channels for science communication are becoming increasingly diverse. What role do science blogs play in the ever-diversifying WissKomm landscape? What advantages do blogs offer as a format for scholarly communication and for intra- and interdisciplinary exchange, especially for historical researchers? And how does this work in practice?


In this workshop we will discuss the role of science blogs as a format for communicating historical research. In the practical part of the workshop, participants will work on their own de.hypotheses training blog in the WordPress content management system. Among other things, the choice of design, the creation of posts and pages, the integration of photos and dealing with copyright issues will be demonstrated and practised.


Registration: Participation is limited to 20 participants. Please register by 12.09.2023 to Registration implies consent to the storage of the email address for the purpose of creating a training blog.

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